Empower youngsters to form happy, healthy food habits.

Spend time cooking and eating together as a family
Equip children with skills and confidence in the kitchen
Educate children on healthy eating
Encourage children to try new foods and flavours

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  • We never use refined flours or sugars in our kits
  • All of our packaging is compostable
  • Etc


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What is Little Cooks Co?

Each month we send your little cook a new baking recipe and all the dry organic ingredients to make it. Our kits are fun, delicious and educational for ages 3-10!


  • Healthy, organic baking recipe with all dry ingredients included
  • Additional child-friendly savoury recipes for family meals
  • An annual cooking record and collectable stickers
  • Designed by a qualified nutritionist
  • All kits have a 3 month shelf life and fit through your letterbox
  • Choose from 1, 3, 6 or 12 month plans, starting at £8.33 per month
  • Your kit will be dispatched within 2 days of ordering
  • Every purchase includes a donation to Magic Breakfast

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