Chicken balls

Perfect for lunchboxes!

Aprons on? Let‘s Cook!

5 mins
15 mins

This was one of our first lunchbox recipes and it remains a hit to this day! And it’s so easy it doesn’t even warrant precise measurements. Perfect dipped in yogurt with chopped mint and a squeeze of lemon…


  • One cooked chicken breast
  • Handful of green leaves such as chard, kale and/or spinach
  • Handful of grated cheese
  • Small handful of breadcrumbs
  • Good glug of olive oil


  • Food processor
  • Grater
  • Baking tray


Dairy, gluten (optional)


1 Pop everything in a food processor and blitz until fully broken down and combined
2 Use your hands to roll into balls (it should make around 6)
3 Pop on a baking tray and bake for 15mins at 170c!

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  1. Kathy Jones says:

    I’d like to order as a Christmas present , when would the ingredients be delivered ? Would we have a choice of dates ?

    1. Helen Burgess says:

      Hi Kathy, if you head to our gifting page you can select the date you would like your first box shipped! Thanks so much for thinking of us for your Christmas gift:

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