Creamy mango lollies

Perfect summer time lollies!

Aprons on? Let‘s Cook!

5 mins

The most delicious lollies with just 2 (highly nutritious) ingredients!


  • 200g ripe mango
  • 100ml coconut milk


  • Blender
  • Lollie holders




1 Whizz up the mango and coconut milk in a blender
2 Pour into lolly holders and freeze!

Fun fact! Coconut milk is dairy free and full of healthy fats, particularly one called lauric acid. These fats are known for being able to kill off bugs that make us poorly as well as giving us a great supply of energy!

Creamy Mango Lollies

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  1. Marie Dillon says:

    Any update on your plans to deliver to Ireland??
    Love your website. MD

    1. Marie Paiser says:

      We can now deliver to Europe! Just choose the option at checkout. Happy Baking!

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