Other brands that are doing great things for kids

Part of the joy of running Little Cooks Co has been getting to know other businesses that are doing cool stuff for kids. We thought we'd share the love a bit, so here are some recommendations for you!

Rocket Gardens

Based in Cornwall, Rocket Gardens send out organic veg plug plants complete with a little growing guide. It's a great way to get out in the garden with your little ones, and they have some fab instant "veg patches" and planters designed especially for families and children

Small & Wild

Happy herbal teas for kids! Small & Wild's award-winning herbal tea has been carefully crafted to perfectly suit little taste buds and tummies. The flavours are bold and vibrant, with unique combinations of yummy fruits, herbs and spices. All blends are naturally caffeine free and contain no added sugar.

Kiddi Kutter

Safe knives for kids! This brand is Australia based, but their brilliant knives can be bought in Lakeland. They are such a great tool to enable even small children to help with preparing food.

Milly's Kidchup

This one is great! It's a healthier ketchup with all the taste but none of the refined sugar, sweeteners or syrups that are used in some of the more well known ketchups out there!

Beeswax Wraps UK

These wraps are an excellent alternative to clingfilm and tinfoil - much better for the planet that our kids are living in!

Eat Well UK

This is a marketplace for brilliant kids' food items - think lunch boxes, plates, cutlery and so on!